Spring Wear

What Styles Look Best In Spring Pictures

Spring is always such a welcome sight here in Northeast Indiana! There is nothing better than seeing the lush green leaves and colorful blooms after a long gray winter. And I love finally getting to step out of a studio setting and start photographing families outdoors again! If you have a session this spring and are wondering what to wear for your family photos, I have you covered.

One of the best parts of spring is the sudden burst of color. After a long winter of dark and dreary, the hillsides of springtime blooms are always so welcomed. If you plan to have your family photographed where there is a lot of colors, try wearing a neutral color scheme with just a splash of color. This helps keep your outfits and background from competing with each other. And keeps your final portraits from being too busy.

The spring family picture outfits below appear to be completely different. But they are actually all neutral outfits with a splash of color. Light brown, taupe, and cream are the neutrals. While the pale pinks, reds, teals are the pop of color. All of these spring family photo outfits would look beautiful with a background full of fresh nature, but will each give a very different look to the overall final portraits. So step 1 would be to select your 4-color pallet. Which do you prefer? Bold and sophisticated? Or soft and romantic?

Things to Avoid

Now, when we spend time coordinating our families' outfits for our shoot, there are a few things that we want to avoid so we can obtain optimal results from your photoshoot.

  1. Avoid Matching. Coordinate. While matching outfits use to be a thing in photography, Coordinating allows more of an artistic appeal while allowing everyone to dress the way that best fits them and their personality.
  2. Avoid graphic art. Now as an artist I love graphic art. I own multiple graphic art tees. However, when taking photos of a group of individuals, we want to avoid the cool tees, so that the focus isn't taken off of the big picture, literally. We want attention on the whole group, not just one person.
  3. Avoid Bright Colored/Multicolored Shoes. The same applies to shoes as it does to graphic tees. We want attention on your beautiful faces, not your feet. If we coordinate everyone with a tan, white and yellow, and pink color pallet and someone is wearing neon green shoes, that may take the focus away from your efforts to coordinate.