Maternity Poto Sessions

I've been there.. twice, and I so truly wish I would have scheduled maternity photo sessions with my two little miracles. It's a miracle but at the same time, you wish you could see your feet. Let's be honest, it can be rough, but that's not what everyone else sees. They see a lovely, glowing, woman carrying one of the true loves of her life, you are never more beautiful than in that moment. So through the tiredness, the aches, and the cravings, you are still glowing with that love for your new baby. Capturing motherhood at its earliest is immaculate with the exchanging of feelings between mother and child. Because that child only knows one thing right now while growing in your tummy, and that's you!

Tips for a Perfect Maternity Photography Session with Your Family

Congratulations on your growing family! The nursery is almost ready and you’re anxiously awaiting your baby’s big arrival. Things may feel busy now, but when you close your eyes, you can perfectly imagine your sweet baby looking up at you, and imagine holding them in your arms.

This chapter of life is such a whirlwind of emotions, joy, and anticipation. It is a huge journey of transformation for every parent. And even though the days may feel long, the year will fly be SO quickly. The powerful journey of pregnancy soon becomes the life-changing journey of baby’s first year. There are SO many milestones to be captured here, both for you as an individual; for your family as a unit; and for your sweet Little One, too!

When should I do Maternity Photos?

The best time to schedule maternity photos is at the end of the second trimester, or the early beginning of the third trimester. Generally photographers agree that the best time can range from 30-34 weeks. You don’t want to wait too late in the pregnancy to schedule your maternity photos because sometimes babies can arrive early.

What should I wear for my Maternity Pictures?

You should definitely plan to wear a long flowing dress or skirt. Wear something that makes you feel beautiful, stunning, radiant, and confident. This is a very special occasion! A maxi dress with a train is a great choice for your maternity images. Plan to wear solid colors, textured fabrics like chiffon, lace, tulle, or knits. Choose minimal patterns, and something classic and timeless. Pair your beautiful maternity ensemble with a stunning accessory like a flower crown, belt, or a cute hat. These details really make maternity photos POP and take photos from “nice” to “STUNNING!”

Where can I buy gorgeous Maternity Dresses for my photos?

Great question! You can find gorgeous Maternity Dresses perfect for your photoshoot at a few stores like Lulus, Shein, PinkBlush, A Pea in the Pod, Hatch, and many more. Many clients order maternity gowns from Amazon and Etsy, too.

How to dress the family for Maternity Photos:

Dressing the rest of the family for your Maternity photoshoot is exactly like dressing your family for any other family photoshoot. Dress in a complimentary color palette without matching perfectly. I always recommend my families to wear solid, neutral palettes: white, cream, gray, beige, soft pastels, khaki, and other neutral earth tones. If Mama is opting to wear a bright color dress (like radiant red or bold blue), it is especially important that the rest of the family wears soft, neutral colors.

Dressing guys is usually very easy. Typically dads and little boys can wear khaki pants with a white, gray, or baby blue shirt, and brown shoes (no tennis shoes.)

How to Pose for Maternity Photos

I promise, posing for Maternity photos is SO easy! Honestly you really need to remember only two things: one, hold your belly, and two, bend the knee closest to the camera. Truthfully, that’s it!

There are two ways to hold your belly: both hands holding the bottom of your tummy, and one hand holding the bottom and one hand holding at the top. And that’s all you need to know! I’ll be handling the rest of the posing and guiding during the session.

I will take photos of you individually, with your spouse, and with the whole family (if you already have a Little One!) Just like all my photos, I will encourage you to relax and interact naturally with your partner and the rest of your family. I don’t want anything becoming to feel forced or stiff. We will likely try lots of different arrangements and areas for your photos, so you can have a big final gallery to choose from!

For more information on How to prep your family, please read the Family Photoshoot Info, to help prepare you little ones and yes, your husband.