Hello, I am Lauren. I am a blessed woman and will always give God the glory for that! I am married to an amazing husband who is my best friend. I'm also a mother to two beautiful children, a boy, and a girl. I suppose I am a mother of 4 if you include our dogs. I love nature and spending time outdoors going on adventures. I have over 30 indoor plans in my home. I love my coffee and my sushi, but not together, ew. And I feel that ever since I became a photographer, I haven't worked a day. I grew up watching my father take beautiful photos with his high-end camera and have wanted to be a photographer ever since.

When I started my solo career, I didn't even own a camera. I would borrow cameras, rent cameras, and felt very inferior compared to other photographers. Until my wonderful husband and mother surprised me with a camera of my very own one year for Christmas. That camera and I have been inseparable able ever since. 

I fell in love with capturing the art that is you. Whether it be a wedding, a family or even something more edgy, I love being able to grab the chemistry, the love and the fun of individuals during a photoshoot. I get to show people how others see them. I have been in photography for 8 years and started my own adventure professionally now for 5 years and running. I am very blessed to have been able to have a career that I truly love. When you are passionate about your work, it is no longer work. Ever since I became a photographer I haven't worked a single day. When you love something, never stop. Even if you feel like it's not working, never stop. I love providing people with photos that they love, that will last forever. It’s my small way of leaving my mark on the world.




I have taken photographs professionally for 8 years on and off working for other companies. I would dabble in portrait photography, product photography, and model photography. In 2019 I decided that was ready to do it working for myself. I have loved the art of photography my whole life. I grew up watching my father take beautiful pictures of my family with his high-end camera, and have wanted to do it ever since. I still have his old camera, it doesn't work anymore but I will keep it forever. I love providing people with photos that they love that will last forever. It's my small way of leaving my mark on the world.

My long time and personal goals are to purchase a home with a breezeway that leads to my in-home studio! I can't imagine doing anything else for a living. I am so blessed that I get to wake up and do what I love as a career. I love capturing memories for people. It's my small way of leaving my mark on the world.


I currently have two cameras. My first and favorite is my Canon 5D Mark IV. My secondary backup camera is a Canon 6D Mark II. And then I have a Cannon Rebel T7i as a backup to my backup. Yes, I am a proud Cannon-ite.


I have multiple Speedlights with a Mag Mod Sphere adapter, 22-70mm lens, 50mm lens, 30 mm f.1 lens, 50-200 mm lens, 2 Soft Box lights, green/white screen, portable studio and backdrops, cannon remote trigger, battery backup, and several props.


I have multiple locations where I shoot. I have a frequent Photography Locations list that includes both indoor and outdoor. I also do residential and in-home 'Studio' photography, so I can bring the studio to you!

When Did I decide I wanted to be a photographer?

I did senior portraits with a friend in 2009. The photographer took us to a junkyard. I wasn't impressed at the time, but when I saw our photo results, they were outstanding! She saw something that I didn't, she saw something beautiful and I wanted to be able to do that. I wanted to be able to look at the ordinary or maybe even messy and turn it into something stunning!




I have been so blessed by the support of my family, friends, and clients alike. I have been published in several online magazines as well as some big-name magazines such as "The Daily Mail" and "The Huffington Post".


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