Not sure where you would like to have your photoshoot? No worries, I have several hot-spot locations that offer different scenic venues. Ultimately we can have your photoshoot wherever you like, but if you are not sure then this list might give you a better feel for where you would like to have your photos taken :) These areas are local to the Fort Wayne area so it would be a max of a 20-minute drive. So please have a look and see if any of these locations speak to you, as they have to me.

Fort Wayne Area

Promenade Park

*Photographers Favorite

This downtown riverfront park has won the hearts of locals and visitors, with plenty of amazing spots for photos. Capture the downtown Fort Wayne skyline from the Tree Canopy Trail, or use the leading lines of the Wells Street Bridge to make your photos pop. Start exploring Promenade Park to find the best views.


*Photographers Favorite

Fort Wayne is exploding with new art every day and is quickly becoming a hub for creative expression. Already famous for our collections of Downtown Art Work, our city is being filled with beautiful murals that span whole alley walls and new innovative sculptures that are truly making this city a premiere art destination.

Metea Park

*Photographers Favorite

Featuring 250 acres of natural space, plus five miles of trails, woodlands, wetlands, and a lake, this park sits in the north-central portion of Allen County. Enjoy a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere with a variety of great scenery at Metea Park.

• Parking fee of $2.00 per vehuicle.

Botanical Gardens

Indoor or outdoor, the Botanical Conservatory is a peaceful oasis. If you’re aiming to capture scenic plants, this is your calling. Vibrant plants fill this establishment.

• Has a per person fee and parking fee.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 prevention measures, the Botanical Conservatory will be closed until June 14.

Civic Garage

Might seem like an unusual place for a photo shoot but I disagree. This rooftop can provide a beautiful open sky as well as a beautiful layout of the city! The inside offers stairwells with excellent lighting to provide that cool, urban look!

The University of St. Francis MAnsion

This is a stunning location with a more elegant edge. Between the castle-like architecture and the wooded garden area, this location offers a wide variety of photo selections.

Foster PArk

This little love garden is bountifully filled with beautiful flowers and greenery. Spring thrives at this location with wildly vibrant colors. Along with the garden, there are winding entangled trees, a small pond and a wooded area close by!

St. Joe Tree Farm

This location is perfect if you want that rustic timber feel with these beautiful evergreens. Get that cabin in the woods feel at this location. Not to mention the obvious, Immaculate for seasonal Christmas portraits for your Christmas cards! (This location has an additional site rental fee) - that is totally worth it!


Lets get a little wet and wild! I know that a photo session in the river isn't 'comfortably' ideal, but this shallow water and beautiful scenery can make your photos so unique! Imagin splahing around with your loved ones in the clear water during summer tim. Its just too much fun!


A wide open space tp experience the beautiful vineyards and unique hipster aesthetic - can be a beautiful setting for family, and headshots. It also doesn't hurt that you can grab a glass of wine while there. :)

Electric Works

Electric Works features comfortable, friendly spaces with lots of natural light and a cool retro-industrial vibe, designed with the modernist in mind! Perfect for headshots! 

Downtown Cathedral

This archatecturial beauty is nothing more than heart grabbing. Utilize this amazing 17th century building to make yo ur portraits pop with history, love and culture!

Lindenwood Cemetary

This isn't most people's ideal location for a photoshoot, that much is understood. However, this location has a small castle! How cool is that? This gothic-inspired area has offered beautiful photos with old ridged stones, stairways that lead to nowhere, and beautiful stone gazebos.

• The cemetery locks its doors at sunset every day.

Lakeside Park

A destination that fulfills any photo occasion. If you’re aiming for a top-notch proposal shot or family photo, Lakeside Park and Rose Garden is the place for you. The gardens are almighty with beautiful waters surrounding them. The white pavilion structures match well with wedding parties or sunny days.  

Freiman Square

When you think downtown Fort Wayne, you think Freimann Square and its fountains. The northeast corner of Freimann shows an incredible sight of the downtown area, with the courthouse, Lincoln Bank Tower, and Indiana-Michigan Power building in the distance.

The Landing

The Landing features one block of residential and recreation for visitors and residents. Plus, The Landing is located just a block and a half south of Promenade Park. This downtown hipster location is glowing with tradition, edison-lights and beautiful wall art!

Grand Wayne Center

This location contains a large open space and all natural lighting for beautiful and professional indoor shooting. Also has good opportunities for outdoor shooting with the city's beautiful architecture, stairways, sidewalks, and is close to the Tincaps Stadium if we want to go for a little strool.

Fox Island

To get that "Cabin in the woods" feel, Fox Island Nature and Learning Center, a prominent feature in the Allen County Parks department, Contains a marshy nature feel that contains benches, cabins and cabin-like wood work.

Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

YES! I said it! I want to do a shoot with you at the zoo! How fun would that be!? The Indonesian Rain Forest Exhibit is stunning and really makes you feel as if you are in the rain forrest. This location would provide you with very unique and beautiful photographs! - Entry Fee

The Old Fort

IF you love your history, you may wish to shoot at The Old Fort! This location lacks trees so a sunset shoot is ideal, but it offers a unique 'back in time' feel, with surrounding wooded areas, overview stair ways and wide open spaces!


Another downtown Fort Wayne favorite, Headwaters Park is filled with pathways that make for a variety of neat photo spots. When the leaves turn in October, the gorgeous, vibrant trees line the sidewalk running along Clinton Street! On the east side of the park, there is also a fun footbridge that crosses the St. Marys River and leads over to The Old Fort. The footbridge is perfect for portrait photos, and also offers a great skyline background popping with fall colors.

Eagle Marsh

A wetland nature preserve spanning 831 acres, The varied habitats include shallow-water wetland, sedge meadow, prairie, mature forest, and young trees. Access these habitats on more than 14 miles of trails. You'll find incredible vantage points for bird and animal spotting, catching beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and taking jaw-dropping outdoor photos.

Salomon Barn Park

Sunflowers, animals, trails, barn, and Lakeview! Salomon Farm Park provides a great photo backdrop any time of year, but fall offers an extra magical touch. The season kicks off in early September when the sunflowers begin to bloom. Throughout the fall, you can find pumpkins, live animals, and changing leaves along the trails. There are also several barns and a charming covered bridge on the property.

Downtown Calhoun Street

On the ground or from up above, you have many different opportunities to capture great imagery on Calhoun Street. Calhoun Street is home to several historic buildings, but also great restaurants. One of the best spots is the elevated view taken from the bridge in between the Hilton Hotel and its parking garage.

New Haven AREA

Deetz Nature Preserve

Deets offers a large variety of nature shots with the beautiful wooded area, open fields of grain, a creek, rustic sitting areas and an beautiful old rustic bridge.

Moser Park

Also once known as Brudi Pasture, this area is located at 601 Main Street, New Haven is a low-lying partially wooded area with a pavilion, pond, trails, a basketball court and ball diamonds. This park also is the home of the seasonal Nature Center. Coming soon

Downtown New Haven

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Economy Auto Parts Salvage Yard

I love using this area, while it appears to be a mess as a photographer I like to refer to it as "Creative Clutter". their area lots of photoshop opportunities here with a load of rundown vehicles in a wooded area, it makes for very contrasted photos.

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