Snow Shoots

Winter helps provide beautiful scenery for photography. But what's a good winter photoshoot without snow? With Indiana and the weather not always as predictable as we would like, this kind of shoot would be scheduled in accordance with the weather. If you and your family wish to schedule a show shoot this year we can get you on the waitlist! A deposit would be placed to hold the snow date, and the remaining payment made on the day of the photo shoot. The photographer will contact you once there is a nice amount of snow on the ground to schedule your session. We want to schedule within the following 72 hours after the snow falls at most for the best results. And if we are lucky and the snow is here to stay, it presents us with more opportunities. If the snow does not come under the circumstances, you will be refunded your deposit. Snow shoots are distributed in chronological order, so first come first served. There is current open availability - limited space on the wait list so don't wait! :)

Getting on the wait list

lets get chilly!

If you wish to place your name on the snow waitlist, simply follow the link below, select the package desired and select "Snow Shoot Reservation". Photographer will be in contact with you regarding your photo session!

Sing up for the snow waitlist!