Wedding - Salutations Photos

With everything going on it can be difficult to get a photograph will all of your guests. This is why I offer 'Salutations Photos". Salutations Photos take place after the ceremony before the departure to the next location for the reception. Or even if there is no second location, it can be announced that "The bride and groom would like a 'line-up' to take photos with all of the guests before moving on to the reception."

It is where the bride and groom select a location and all guests can line up for a chance to get a photograph with the bride and groom either as an individual or with the group that they came with. It gives the bride and grooms the opportunity to thank everyone individually, give hugs, and provide some individual attention to all of your guests while taking the photos. This is great for 'thank you' letters after the wedding so that the bride and groom can send a photograph with their thank you letter as a gift.