Gone are the days of everyone wearing white t-shirts and blue jeans. Today’s family pictures are more about coordinating than matching. Cue a sigh of relief! Ahhh! Everyone doesn’t have to wear the same color. Or dress in the same style! Each person in your family can dress in a way that fits their personality. And you can still look pulled together in your family pictures.

If you are planning your fall family photos, this one is for you. Deciding what to wear for your family photo session can be overwhelming especially when you are trying to coordinate your whole crew. I rounded up 6 different fall color palettes with some of the best fall dresses, sweaters and looks for your whole family. I hope that these visual guides are the perfect inspiration of fall family photo outfit ideas as you plan what to wear.

Select a color scheme below or you can custom make your own by choosing 4 different colors that complement the fall season, and Wala! You've got your general ideal for your families coordinating outfits! Avoid tee shirt graphics, and Bright pinks blues, or greens. For fall photos we definitely want to go more neutral and earth-toned colors.

My number one tip is this : You want to look coordinated but not matching. Use a fall color palette as your guide when you are shopping and deciding on what outfits to put together. It is typically easiest to start with dressing mom, and then coordinate everyone in the family around her. 


It may sound simple, but this is one that can easily be overlooked. Some colors look great together and some… well, not so much. Before thinking about what to wear in your family photos or what color scheme to choose for your outfits, start by thinking about where you plan to display your portraits. And where your portraits will be taken. If the wall where you plan to hang your family portrait is brightly colored, you may want to avoid brightly colored outfits so the colors don’t compete. Instead, opt for soft neutrals or muted tones. On the other hand, if your walls are neutral, pops of color in your outfits would look great!

The location you choose will also impact the colors you choose to dress your family in. Think about the overall colors of your location. If it is mid-summer there may be lots of green in your portraits. Including red clothing, choices may unintentionally leave your portraits feeling a little Christmassy.

Mom First

This may be the first in a long time. And may not happen again for a long time. But mom, you get to go first! Pick an outfit that you feel amazing in! Let’s celebrate the fact that you will be in these pictures. You will get to love on and play with your family and create amazing memories. As a mom myself, I know that opportunity is rare. I am usually the one snapping away pictures. I am rarely in them. And… if I am, they may not ever see the light of day. I’m usually covered in baby spit-up or have my hair up in a bun so my little one can’t yank any more hair out of my head.

So, moms, I get it. This family session is special and important for so many reasons. And one of those is that you get to be in them! As a family photographer, I want to make sure you not only love your portraits but also love the way you look in them. And one way to make that happen is to make sure you feel fabulous in what you are wearing. When you feel amazing, it really does show in pictures. So, just this once, you get to go first! Go shopping! Find something that you love. Something that makes you feel amazing! And enjoy!


  1. Start by selecting a color palette This is usually 3-4 coordinating colors. I have multiple examples for you to view throughout your read.
  2. I usually recommend that mom picks her outfit out first. Pick something in your color palette that you fall in love with and that makes you feel amazing. When you feel amazing, it will show! And you will look amazing in your family portraits.
  3. Select outfits for the rest of your family based on your color scheme.
  4. Use accessories to pull your look together and help each member of the family coordinate with others..


Your family pictures will be enjoyed for many years to come. Hopefully, they will be passed down to your children and grandchildren someday. Crazy to think about it that way, right? To avoid having your family portrait look outdated when next season’s fashion and color trends change, lean toward more classic styles.

FAMILY Fall Outfit Examples