Creating your Wedding Photography Schedule

Thank you for choosing L.Ballenger Photography for your wedding day. I know how important this day is to you and am honored to be your photographer. To get the ball rolling as far as the photography schedule, I plan to have that ready and sent to the bride and groom long before the big day. The first step is below. You will find a questionnaire to fill out about your wedding in order to start your wedding photograph schedule. Please answer all questions thoroughly, upon receiving our answers the first step to completing your photography schedule will be complete, the photographer will make up the first draft and contact you if there are any questions.

Wedding Information Form

SALUTATIONS PHOTOS are the conduction of a 'Photo booth' style photo op with all of your guest upon exiting the ceremony venue and departing to the reception venue. Bride and groom will pick a location close to the exit where the guest will line up to receive a photo with the bride groom, as well as provide the bride and groom a chance to thank each individual party for their attendance.

Anyone additional person(s) you would like in scheduled pictures with the (Bride and Groom) that are in a more intimate setting outside of (Salutations Photos). Please list names and relation to Bride and Groom)

Ex: (First Dance 11:30, Dinner: 12, Cake cutting: 12:45, and so on)